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    Life can leave you bitter but you must know it can get better
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    A healing place awaits
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    A facility with distinguished class
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Welcome to Growth Extended

Now that you’ve taken the first step, welcome to a place of serenity, healing and learning. Serenity to help you calm the chaos, healing from whatever your addiction is and learning that will equip you with the acquired tools to make this your last time in treatment; we’ve been waiting for you.

Deciding to get help is a brave and scary thing. Although you may not think of yourself as brave, here at Growth Extended we realize that this may be the bravest thing you have ever done. Brave, but scary! Scary because it is unknown. No matter how horrible things have been for you, it is known. You are aware of it. But the unknown, or even change, can be quite scary. We, therefore, commit to walk with you on your journey. Scary, bumpy, and filled with hills and valleys, this is your path and we are with you.


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