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What is Partial Hospitalization like?

The partial program (PHP) offered at Growth Extended provides quality day treatment in a luxurious home like setting with trained caring professionals. The PHP includes a full spectrum range of services along with the flexibility of still living at home. And even though the treatment is considered outpatient, it is intense, individualized, and for some, exactly what is needed to get back on track.

Partial Hospitalization Program Details

The requirements for the partial hospital program at Growth Extended include a schedule of 5 times per week, Monday thru Friday, for 6-8 hours per day. There is a significant amount of structure coupled with full amenities to aid in the recovery process. At this level of care, Growth Extended specializes in treating high functioning persons that are struggling with mental health issues like depression or anxiety, substance abuse and/or eating disorders. Clients are offered detailed diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and in depth after care plans to generate the highest probability of sustained success.

Expert Staff at Growth Extended

The services at PHP are delivered by a multidisciplinary group of staff that genuinely care and sacrificially serve each family to help equip them with the tools necessary for success upon step down. Our attending psychiatrists works daily with the team and meets formally each week to review treatment progress, refine treatment goals and prepare for supportive discharge. The trained clinical staff is spearheaded by licensed persons specializing in the delivery of quality care addiction services. Licensed therapists, clinical group facilitators, nursing staff, dieticians and counselors that have struggled with some form of addiction provide the perfect environment conductive to challenging faulty thinking and replacing distortions in order to combat the mental contributors to relapse. Moreover, 12 step meetings, in depth family interventions and individualized scheduled care plans provide a secure foundation for healing.

The full continuum of care provided in PHP includes:

  • Program attendance 6-8 hours per day; 5x per week
  • Individual and/or family therapy sessions 3x per week
  • Medication management by a board certified psychiatrist weekly or as-needed
  • 12-step focused therapy individualized to client’s needs
  • Psycho-educational groups 2x per day, 5 days per week
  • Yoga & guided meditation 5x per week by a certified yoga instructor
  • Physical fitness at a private, state-of-the-art gym daily
  • Random drug testing
  • Healthy, home cooked meals following nutritionist planned menu
  • High staff to client ratio
  • Small intimate group of clients
  • Personalized treatment plans with varied professionals, i.e., dietician, trainer, etc

Funding source:

The PHP program at Growth Extended is an individualized treatment option that is funded by insurance providers. Growth Extended accepts most major insurance companies in order to facilitate stress free treatment, please visit our insurance page for further financial questions. We believe that it is important to aid a family in crisis without adding additional financial stress. We are capable of accepting most PPO insurances and we can also provide assistance for HMO plans including referrals when needed. We feel the most important aspect of treatment is making sure that the facility is a good fit and we keep the focus on quality care, not on money.

Is RTC a requirement for PHP:

The PHP was designed to treat persons that are struggling with mental health, substance abuse and/or eating disorders that have completed residential and are transiting back home. And although residential (RTC) treatment is not a requirement for PHP participation, there are a number of benefits to completing residential treatment prior to beginning PHP:

  • Clients that have completed RTC have gained the benefits of living an “addiction free” lifestyle and are thereby capable of living within the confines of rules, commitment, keeping your word and making amends. Someone that has not completed RTC is more likely to resist and present a challenge when the daily commitment of getting up to attend PHP is required.
  • Clients that have completed RTC prior to beginning PHP have been cleared medically to be at an outpatient level of treatment and do not require 24 hour level of care intervention. Persons that are in RTC typically may still present as requiring active monitoring for longer periods of time.
  • Participants that have completed RTC prior to beginning PHP have home environments and family members that have been given support and education and typically do not have the degree of tension among the members that an RTC member may present with. Rather, there is some degree of stability in the home and the home is prepared for the struggling individual to be residing within the home environment again if the person steps down from RTC.


There are some clients however, that are likely to benefit from admitting directly into PHP to begin their therapeutic journey. These variables include:

  • Clients stepping up from outpatient services. Clients that have tried other outpatient forms of treatment may be able to benefit a great deal from the high level of day programming involved with the care provided at PHP. There are a number of forms of outpatient interventions, i.e., weekly therapy, group therapy, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) see IOP for more details, weekly psychiatric sessions, etc that can be attempted prior to PHP which help prepare a potential client for PHP. These interventions are considered less “intrusive” and are considered lower levels of care. The success of a lower level option is a good indicator if a higher level of care, such as PHP, is needed.
  • Insurance coverage. Clients that choose to utilize their insurance coverage for treatment will have a higher possibility of getting coverage if a lower level intervention such as PHP is attempted. Insurance providers typically prefer to authorize a higher level of care once a member has “failed at a lower level of care”.
  • Clients that have endured a relapse. Clients that need to address a relapse can do so in a number of avenues. Returning to PHP is a great way to recharge, rejuvenate and rejoin the healing society that you are a member of. PHP is will further provide the structure and intensity needed without compromising being at home and sleeping in your bed.
  • Clients that currently have a great deal of support. Persons that currently have a network of sober support may be better suited for treatment at PHP. The assumption is that the support of 12 step groups, sponsors etc can be used outside of programming hours and aid with choosing internally driven coping skills at home.

At Growth Extended we understand that your treatment is as unique as you are and it must be tailored to address your individual needs. We offer different treatment options in response to your individuality. Upon preparing for admissions, if you have no idea which program you should begin in, do not worry, our licensed professionals can work with you to design your personal treatment plan. We see clients that admit into PHP and they are capable of thriving while others need more structure. Whatever the case for you, we are here and we are ready to help you begin your journey.


You deserve the opportunity to recover in a place like Growth Extended.