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Holistic Multidisciplinary Treatment

At Growth Extended we believe that addiction is a mind body and spirit disease so in order to break the cycle, treatment must impact the mind, body and spirit. We utilize innovative techniques to provide our clients with alternative measures to decrease stress and improve incorporation of copings skills that can be applied upon discharge from treatment. Treatment interventions used include but are not limited to:


The art of meditating and the scientific value of mediation is why we have incorporated it into our treatment at Growth Extended. We encourage clients to utilize the healing properties associated with meditation to clear their minds, pray and make requests to God, and become at peace with their life’s journey. Our clinical and therapeutic professionals instruct clients how to meditate which thereby improves issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and addiction. Meditation is also an excellent way to develop spiritual wholeness and inner peace.


Zumba is the latest fitness program that incorporates dance moves and fitness into a fun filled intense workout that leaves our clients drenched in sweat. The zumba classes are filled with other persons focused on dancing and having a good time. Although the steps are choreographed in a group fashion with an instructor, perfection is not required. Rather, part of the fun is to mess up and miss the next step, but to keep moving and keep having fun. This activity provides clients with a great cardiovascular exercise that is fun and allows a time for clients to be free of worry and thereby contribute to their mental physical and spiritual healing.

Deep Breathing Exercises

The practice of deep breathing brings a curative element to our clients that are struggling with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Our trained professionals instruct and encourage clients to utilize the healing effects of deep methodical breathing. Research shows that for persons who smoke cigarettes part of the pleasure received is from the very process of taking in deep breaths and releasing it. The cleansing factor of expanding your lungs and bringing in fresh air is an obvious benefit however in moments of stress we often forget to breathe, that is why the doctor tells the mother delivering her baby to breathe, or the trainer tells the weight lifter to breathe. The benefits of deep breathing is that it cleanses, it clears and it cures. It is also a very easy non demonstrative coping skill that can be used after treatment.

Art/Music therapy

Art therapy is utilized frequently with the clients at Growth Extended. Group therapy allows clients to explore various forms of art as clients learn in depth lessons. Freedom of expression and creativity of thought are evident with art therapy exercises. Moreover, for adolescents that have a difficult time expressing their feelings verbally, art can be a very useful tool to discover unexpressed emotion. Our trained therapists and group therapists utilize art a great deal and the clients are quite responsive.


We offer yoga to clients at both the adolescent and the adult facilities at Growth Extended. At the adult facility the yoga classes are facilitated by a certified yoga instructor. Yoga classes are conducted bright and early each morning in our recently remodeled yoga room at the Growth Extended Adult facility. Clients are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of the curative properties of yoga such as increased flexibility, improved breathing and reduction in anxiety.

While traditional measures are useful at Growth Extended (individual, family and group therapy), innovative research supported methods are also utilized (dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy) and play a significant role in the healing journey of the clients at Growth Extended. Our treatment facilities are the perfect place for exercise that produces the release of natural endorphins that impact the brain’s pleasure zones and mimic the “high” associated with drug use.


If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health disorder, eating disorder, substance abuse or a mixture of more than one (co-occurring disorder) please call us today. We have the tools you need to get you back on track with your life.