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Relapse Prevention Group & Alumni Meetings

Once you have successfully completed and graduated from the program we see you as one of our own and we will continue to provide you with support and encouragement. Because we are honored to have shared in your healing journey we would like to thank you. Moreover, we are encouraged by the bravery our graduates show and inspired each day by our graduating clients as they face their challenges in a healthy manner. In honor of your completion of the program, we offer, free of charge, alumni meetings to continue the success that you have begun while in treatment. We congratulate your efforts and now we ask you to allow us to continue to help you again. We would like to partner with you in your continued journey.

Relapse Prevention Meetings

Our alumni meetings are a great opportunity for you to garner additional support as they tend to be special meetings.Our relapse prevention groups are easily accessible to many individuals in the area. We receive feedback from former clients that have attended alumni groups indicating that it was a valuable experience that bonded the participants together. As a staff it is very rewarding for us to be able to give back to you and see you continuing to make strives. We believe recovery is a lifelong process and you deserve a commitment that will support your recovery.

What to Expect at our Alumni Group

Our alumni group can be instrumental in maintaining the success that you have already achieved. This group is facilitated as a support group to provide a safe place to check in with those that have been key in helping you in your recovery. The relapse prevention group provides you with an opportunity to discuss any struggles, successes, and upcoming challenges you may be facing. Our main goal for the alumni group is to help you stay on track. We also provide a psychoeducational component to further assist you in acquiring knowledge and equipping yourself with what research suggests are the central elements to aid in recovery. We never want to lose touch with you at Growth Extended. We therefore encourage you to take advantage of this courtesy designed to support your recovery. And we admonish you to remember that your healing journey continues one thought at a time, one choice at a time and one commitment at a time. Please join us for food, fun and freedom at our next Alumni meeting. See you then.

If you would like more information regarding our alumni group or regarding any of our open meetings please contact us and we can provide you with any answers you may have.

For further inquiry, issues or to sign up for treatment, please feel free to call us at 888.476.9997. We look forward to speaking to you.