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Adult Testimonials

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Letters from Past Clients

First of all, I would just like to say thank you. I came into this program with high hopes and I was not let down. I think I got lucky finding this place because not a lot of other kids in my situation get this opportunity. This program has taught me all kinds of life skills that I can use in my daily life. I always felt supported and cared for here. Each and every one of the staff have done a great job to see that our needs are met. I aware that I am close to going home but I do not think it ends here. I will always remember this facility as a place where I grew. Again thank you. I feel 100x better than when I came here.

– Amber, age 17, former adolescent client 4/2015


Dear Laura

I have no problem writing a short novel thanking you for all you have done for our daughter Wendy. The difficulty comes in admitting that we will not be having as regular contact with you as we have the past several months. When Wendy’s mental health relapsed in 2014 we could not find the level of care she needed within 200 miles of our home, we put our trust in God. After much searching our options looked bleak until expectantly opening an email late one night.

To our astonishment Growth Extended had just opened a facility for adults. We praised the Lord for answering our prayers! As we mentioned, the facility in Lake Balboa was just outside the 200 miles we had been searching. When we saw the name Laura Kellingsworth as the Director and Addiction Recovery Counselor, we moved forward with renewed faith.
Laura you have no idea how much it meant as loving parents to see you at the door on the night of December 10, 2014. Your welcoming, unconditionally loving warm embrace with Wendy led us to know that full recovery was not only possible, but inevitable. (As you may recall in her psychotic state she was utmost unrecognizable). It helped tremendously that she could hit the ground running and immediately begin working the program.

We were grateful that her co-occurring substance abuse addiction had remained in full remission: tackling Wendy’s complex mental and emotional difficulties was more than enough to work on! Terry and I were thrilled to be welcomed in and accepted as part of her support network. We loved every conversation we had with you, every multifamily group we participated in along with the exemplary way you always conduct your personal life. You, her therapist and all of the rest of the staff where there with Wendy through her worst times, when it almost seemed insurmountable to attain recovery with the time allotted through the health insurance coverage and our limitations.

Laura, Wendy loves the 12 step meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous and has truly implemented them in her life. She looks to you as her inspiration and respects the personal experience you bring with overcoming addiction. She appreciates your honesty and not being afraid to “call her out” when needed. She listens to what you have to say and recommends and strives to follow your counsel. She admires your deep spirituality and the reverence you have for each individual’s understanding of God as their higher power.

We know how much you care about each and every client in your care. We know that you think about them after hours and that staff do not hesitate to text you after hours with client concerns. We feel like Wendy should call you “Aunt Laura” because you truly love her as if she were a personal relative. Thank you. Thank you for finding your purpose and mission in life. Thank you for influencing, inspiring and helping to save precious souls. You are truly making a difference in what you do. We hope you feel blessed and rewarded for your many hours of hard work.

We can’t thank you enough for making it possible for Wendy to have access to a computer daily so that she could continue to pursue her college degree. I can’t think of a single other facility that would take kind of sincere effort to encourage Wendy to pursue her education and allow her to do so as an immensely rewarding part of her personal recovery plan. She is forever grateful to you, and the many people behind the scenes that promptly got technology in place to make it possible. Thank you

I am sure the way health insurances companies “rule the world” that you couldn’t possibly be adequately compensated for your dedication to the clients. You, and the Lewis’ and the whole Growth Extended program deserve wages FAR beyond what you will ever be paid monetarily. Together, you are making recovery possible for many outstanding individuals like Wendy. We will always be indebted for your services.

I mentioned one time that we would love to refer one hundred clients to you in appreciation for the ways our lives have been blessed. Your response was if just one successful client like Wendy, could turn and influence ab hundred other people in treatment for good – your mission would be complete. Wendy is a powerhouse. We don’t doubt that she will move forward seeking out individuals that she can help mentor, while also having the courage to lead large groups of people implementing the principles of the 12-step into their daily life for lasting happiness.
Laura, this family loves you dearly. You will always be highly regarded in our eyes, and always remembered for the loving care you have given to Wendy and to our entire family. We love and appreciate you and wish you every blessing God can bestow upon you and your precious daughter. Let’s not be strangers. We would love for you to pass these thanks on to the owners (we love them and highly regard them as well).

We will miss you and will always remember you

Debbie, Terry and Wendy, former adult client family members 2/2015