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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment at Growth Extended

Growth Extended offers comprehensive treatment for adolescents and adults struggling with co-occurring conditions (also known as dual diagnosis). We understand the complex nature of this disorder along with the research supported treatment that is required for long term success. Co-occurring Disorders are characterized by a mental health disorder in conjunction with substance abuse. Just as various personality propensities do not develop in a vacuum, so too conditions such as substance abuse are typically not cultivated from one origin. A desire to fit in, pressure from peers, curiosity, etc. can all contribute to substance use. Abuse emerges in light of repeated use along with issues of withdrawal and tolerance.

But the desire to fit in is not the sole reason that abuse develops. Typically abuse is linked with some mental health issue such as depression or trauma. Moreover, biological predispositions and environmental constraints lead to continued use in light of negative consequences as a result of the abuse. Conditions that commonly co-occur with drug or alcohol addiction are bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorders. In order to fully recover, the underlying and co-occurring condition must be treated concurrently. For example, a teenager may suffer from depression or anxiety and turn to drugs or alcohol to “self-medicate”. If the treatment however solely centers on seeking relief from the drugs or alcohol, treatment success will be short-lived at best. Without treating the underlying cause, there is a high probability he or she will again turn to mood-altering substances, and the addiction will ensue. By treating the addiction alone, the person will still suffer from the mood disturbance of depression or anxiety and not know how to manage their mood without drugs or alcohol, leading to a relapse.

At Growth Extended, we have a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals specifically trained to treat co-occurring conditions and provide care for both mental health and substance abuse simultaneously. Upon admission, our clients undergo comprehensive assessments to help us fully recognize the various areas requiring help. We then create an individualized treatment program within the first 72 hours of admission that provides the support necessary to overcome their struggles. Moreover, we assess non-drug related measures used in the past to successfully “self soothe” and we provide a plethora of alternative holistic means to support the individual throughout long term healing. Innovative and multi-method approaches are the most optimum way to introduce alternate ways to cope, and correct inaccurate viewpoints; producing evidenced based results.

For families that are presented with this illness, we offer hope and support. Although this is a very complex diagnosis, treatment that addresses both the substance abuse and the mental health issues concurrently will generate the highest probability of success. Family members will play a major role in the recovery process. Incorporating the family through education, skills acquisition and resources further serves to support the challenges necessary to attain healing and wholeness.

Why is Growth Extended the best choice for treating Co-Occurring Disorders?

  • Our facilities provide safe environments specifically designed for co-occurring disorder treatment
  • Our highly-skilled staff is dedicated to supporting teens, adults and their families who are distressed by the dual effects of mental illness and addiction reach complete recovery
  • We have been granted the gold seal of service excellence from the Joint Commission on Accreditation for the treatment provided to persons with co-occurring disorders
  • Our programs are affordable
  • We have a utilization review department specifically designed to facilitate accepting most major insurance companies
  • We offer varying levels of intervention to address the special needs including residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs
  • Due to the precarious nature of co-occurring disorders, our admissions department is available 24 hours a day
  • Consultations and pre-admission assessments are free of charge

Recovery from co-occurring disorders can take a long time. The intricate underlining dynamics surrounding treating both issues typically requires longer than other forms of treatment for one diagnosis. But the caring professionals at Growth Extended are well equipped with the tools to help address the delicate nature surrounding treating persons suffering with co-occurring disorders attain peace.
If you are ready to get help for yourself or your loved one, do not wait. The sooner you can get help, the better chance you have for a successful recovery. Our admissions team is ready to discuss our treatment programs with you. We accept referrals from professionals and work with you to help your client get healthy and return to you upon discharge. 


Don’t give up hope.