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Program for Teenagers

We are a comprehensive treatment program designed to celebrate excellence. We embrace creativity, fun, and adventure. We are driven by our ethics and value the opportunity to speak to you about what we do and the love that resonates within us. 


What is Growth Extended?

Growth Extended Inc. comprises holistic residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs designed to treat both males and females age 12-17 and those transitioning from teen to adulthood, ages 18 and up. We’re located in Los Angeles and we are easily accessible to residents of the area. We understand that being in treatment can suck. But being in need of treatment, and not being able to find a treatment center that is beautiful, positive and full of people that care about you, sucks even more. At Growth Extended we are committed to making sure that you receive individualized care that supports you and your path to liberation. We challenge you to dream as if you couldn’t fail and we will equip you with the skills to achieve those dreams. There is a freedom that comes when you are living your life the way it was designed to be lived. You deserve to be able to reach your full potential here at Growth Extended.


What We Offer At Growth Extended

As a leading teen rehab program in the Los Angeles area, our teen clients will benefit from our rehab program that encourages independence and personal responsibility. This is a critical time in most young people’s lives and for those who struggle with addiction and/or mental health disorders it becomes even tougher for both the person seeking treatment and the family who is now placed in a supportive role rather than the parental/caretaking role. We find that most often the entire family will need to learn a new set of principles to live by. Our teenage clients have the opportunity to explore their lives and define their own core values. We teach our young people how to make decisions that will ultimately be up to them to live with the consequences of their actions, but also how to value the input from their parents/caregivers. There is great value in learning vicariously from the wisdom of others. We help guide teenagers and young people towards adulthood with the understanding that they may not have all the answers and as we get older we learn more and know less. However, our young people are given the freedom they have been seeking in an environment that will maintain their safety but allow creativity. It is a process that can be very rewarding as they mature within our program and learn from their peers, staff and parents/caregivers what it means to be a responsible adult.


What Sets Growth Extended Apart

We understand that there are a myriad of rehab facilities that your teenager could attend, especially in the Los Angeles area. Your decision to come here for assistance is an important choice because we require that you commit in order to achieve success. We also realize that once you come here you will not be here forever. Rather, you will be leaving so we make sure that what sets us apart from others, first and foremost, is that we are focused on you discharging. We are excited that you will come here and do well and that is great. But we need the success that you have here to be transferred to your home environment. We receive no benefit for you to come to treatment and do well here but return home and old behaviors resurface. Therefore, we set ourselves apart by teaching you and preparing you for returning home.

What to Expect with Growth Extended’s Teen Rehab Program

When you return home, school and work are key variables that will help in providing a level of consistency to your life, fulfillment and empowerment to be a contributing member of society. Consequently, while in treatment at Growth Extended, we allow our clients to continue their education and set goals for seeking employment once the treatment team determines it is appropriate. We have computer and internet access as well as time to spend preparing for your future. Some of the specific aspects of our program that we offer that sets us apart includes:

  • Academic excellence that will aid you in accruing credits while in treatment with a specialized academic facilitator focused on your individualized academic needs/goals
  • Employment seeking and research for future vocational endeavors
  • Guest speakers from your “dream job” to provide an intimate realistic revelation of what it is like to be in that particular occupation
  • We further provide life skills workshops that assist in learning to budget, shop, cook, clean and organize.
  • Creative expressions that are constructive such as yoga groups designed to strengthen you physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Art therapy and dance/movement therapy
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Spiritual growth with church attendance, serenity groups and meditation
  • Dynamic Weekend Restoration Groups that allow the entire family to “be in treatment” and provided with catered breakfast and lunch along with specialized groups and activities each weekend
  • Gym membership and daily workouts at a state of the art high-end physical fitness center
  • Impactful 12 step meetings that provide safety and an opportunity for revelation, transparency and growth
  • Independence building through chore assignments, laundry day, and group facilitation once we have determined the individual skill set.
  • Nutritional assessment, individualized meetings with a licensed dietician if needed
  • Delicious meals with ample food from meal plans designed by a licensed dietician that are served to you
  • Unique intimate 6 bed facilities rather than a massive number of people around
  • Superior family involvement including parenting support groups constructed for parents/caregivers only, in order to aid in equipping them with the skills to be able to hear and understand you
  • Weekly outings to various activities such as the movies, horseback riding, miniature golf, bowling, ice skating, the museum, the arcade, to the ice cream parlor etc.
  • Insurance coverage for funding (see funding source for more details)
  • Beautiful, spacious home like facilities, with modern amenities and decorated with style and a touch of class
  • Caring committed staff that sacrifice and have devoted their entire life to helping you succeed.

It is our goal that the coping skills and the lessons learned while here in treatment, be transferred to your home environment. We are committed to your success and we look forward to being able to see you get help so you can transfer that help to your home, family, friends and the world at large.


You Are Not Alone

Bobby Christina Brown (daughter to the late great Whitney Houston), Lindsay Lohan (child star and movie actor) and Ozzy Osborne (rocker), – these are all persons that started with a great deal of potential even as young persons. However, drug abuse, nightlife, seemingly misguiding “friends” who were negatively impacting them, harsh life circumstances and fame itself all contributed to where they are now. We can go back a little further, Michael Jackson (the undisputed King of Pop), Elvis Presley (King of Rock and Roll) and James Brown (Godfather of Soul) all share common attributes but the most glaring is that they supposedly had it all….fame, talent, good looks and money. But despite of all of this, drugs, pills, pressure, stress, low self-esteem and little support got in the way and stopped them.

What talent do you have? What are you genuinely good at and you enjoy doing? Maybe for you, you know exactly what that is. Or maybe for you, you have no idea what that is. Whatever the case, this is the perfect time for you to take the opportunity that is being offered to you to restart your journey. Did you know that you could press restart? Every time you went down the wrong road in a car and the driver turned around, that was hitting the restart button. Do we disparage a person for realizing they are on the wrong road and the path they are on is leading them in the opposite direction of where they want to be? No, of course not. The navigation system bares no judgment, it simply says, “rerouting” then calmly recommends, “When it is safe, make a legal U-turn”. But the longer you drive in the opposite direction, the further you are from where you want to be and the longer the road will be to get back on track. So our question to you today is “are you ready to make that U-turn”?


This is your time

No one but you can make that decision for you. For some, they must hit “rock bottom” before they decide enough is enough. For others they do not need to hit rock bottom. They simply need to take a logical look at their life, relationships and future and decide that a change must take place. That change commitment must be made daily. It may not be easy and there may be temptations that surface to abandon that commitment, but don’t do it. There may even be sacrifices that will be necessary. Some places may not be supportive of what you are trying to do and therefore you may decide to avoid them. Some people may not be encouraging of what you are trying to do and where you are trying to go. Again, you will have to select who is for you and who is against you. Unfortunately, anyone that is not for you, is in fact against you. And you owe it to yourself to resolve to support you and where you are trying to go in life.

Today is a great day to put to “death” the hurt associated with loss and grief, the despair associated with rejection and abuse and the emptiness accompanying addiction and illness. The fear that has encaged you to remain where you are can now be the catalyst to drive you toward your destiny. Fear pushes you away from the truth and the light. Today is your time to abandon fear. Today is your time for rebirth. A time to embrace life. Embrace hope, embrace love, and embrace freedom. Welcome to Growth Extended for adolescents, a place that helps you reach your full potential.
It is therefore, our honor to be able to help you. Finding a good treatment center for minors is not easily accomplished, finding a good treatment center for minors that is capable of accepting medical insurance is extremely challenging. You have found Growth Extended. We get it and we care.