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Deciding to get help is a brave and scary thing. Although you may not think of yourself as brave, here at Growth Extended we realize that this may be the bravest thing you’ve ever done. Brave, but scary! Scary because it is unknown.

No matter how horrible things have been for you, it is known. You are aware of it. But the unknown, or even change, can be quite scary. We, therefore, commit to walk with you on your journey. Scary, bumpy, and filled with hills and valleys, this is your path and we are with you.

Treatment Programs:

At Growth Extended we understand that each person’s journey is different. Your “bottom” looks different than someone else’s “bottom”. So too, the things you need in treatment are individual to you and the path that you must take to reach freedom is special to you.

Therefore, we offer an individualized treatment approach filled with the individuality and character that is you. We do not feel there is one cookie cutter way to reach healing. We are accepting of you and your path and we will lace up our tennis shoes and hit the trail with you.

Residential Treatment:

Residential Treatment is designed to provide the maximum amount of support, assistance and structure. It is for the person that realizes the path that you are currently traveling is not your destiny. This current path is counter to who you are and what you believe and you are not walking in your purpose. If that is you, we are ready to begin walking with you.

We have a residential program that is tailored to you and the support that you need. Our residential program is designed to offer the greatest level of companionship with a holistic approach to impact you mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The services are delivered in a state of the art environment that is luxurious with the comfort and all of the amenities of home.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP):

The partial program is designed as a step down from the residential program but also can be used as an alternative to residential. On this excursion, support is needed but there is a level of stability and the home environment is not counterproductive to treatment.

The partial trail sounds like what it is, clients are in treatment for “part” of the day. The direction, education and care given on this roadway compliments the individual that does not require 24 hour assistance but still benefits from considerable support.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP):

Still, for others, your lane will be to IOP. The IOP program is designed for the traveler whose route requires the least amount of companionship. This road still offers support and care but the direction is less frequent and the footpath is a bit smoother.

The IOP is designed as a final step down from the partial level of care, but neither partial level participation nor residential level completion is required for this level of care. Sometimes intrusive level partnership is not what is needed. Especially if your path to recovery started somewhere else. If however, you feel that you are starting to veer off the course to recovery just a bit, our IOP program may be what is needed to help you get back in the “correct lane”.

Growth Extended is here to help:

Each team member at Growth Extended is committed to taking your voyage with you. Growth Extended is comprised of more than just the clinicians, therapists, doctors and recovering individuals who work here. It is comprised of the families and clients that share the hills and the valleys of their journey.

We realize that you can decide to approach your terrain with the assistance of anyone. Therefore, we do not take your choice to come here lightly. Rather we value your choice and each floor lead, program manager, client care specialist and cleaning specialist is dedicated to walking with you on your road to recovery. We offer an innovative approach that is holistic and different from other treatment experiences.

Joint Commission Accredited:

Growth Extended is a Joint Commissioned Accredited Adult treatment facility designed for persons who are struggling with:

We deliver therapeutic services in a beautiful home-like setting through an intensive, small group schedule designed to have an immediate and positive impact on the lives of those who seek help. The persons at Growth Extended that you invite to take your trip to freedom with are honored, yet humbled to be with you. We are ready to begin your adventure today.

Are you ready for your new life?

While there are many ways that a journey can begin, yours has brought you to this one moment. And whether it was smooth sunny skies or cloudy dark nights you are here and it is not by accident. Ironically, nothing in your life has been by accident. Rather, each moment, each step has brought you to us.

Growth Extended was designed with you in mind. Our main endeavor is to get you to a place free from whatever addiction you are currently struggling with. The exceptional group of people who comprise the staff are here with their hiking boots and running shoes. We want to partner with you and begin your journey. Growth Extended is indeed a place where we help you reach your full potential.