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Growth Extended is proud to display the coveted Gold Seal of accreditation from the Joint Commission, the highest level of accreditation offered in the United States. The Joint Commission on Accreditation sets the standard for quality care and ensures that those who have been bestowed the honor of accreditation consistently provides the highest standard of care.

The Joint Commission was founded in 1951 in response to widespread sub-standard medical treatment that was being provided in that era. It is currently comprised of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, licensed therapists and professionals committed to superior care. Although there are a number of other companies and institutions that have been formed since 1951, the Joint Commission stands as the originator in the industry and is synonymous for superior quality care. The Joint Commission is an independent non-for profit association that serves to ensure there is a standard of excellence in the healthcare field that is unsurpassed by any other form of accreditation.

The accreditation process is rigorous and multifaceted. It includes, but it not limited to a three day, all day examination process. The Joint Commission staff descend upon a facility and examine everything.  Visits often last upwards of seven hours.  The Joint Commission establishes well over 150 standards to ensure the delivery of ongoing superior healthcare. There are multiple standards in various areas such as treatment planning, infection control, national patient safety, medication policy, human resources, etc. 

The primary two focus for the Joint Commission are:

  1. Patient safety
  2. Health care quality

The Joint Commission serves health care organizations across the United States and accreditation reflects the level of commitment that a facility has toward their clients.

The staff who provide the announced and unannounced on-site visits conduct preliminary interviews with the administrator. They then communicate with the staff, nurses, clients etc. as they walk around the facility. The surveyors spend an entire day reviewing charts, looking at files and talking with leaders of the organization. The survey ends with a conclusion interview that details the corrections that need to be made, itemizes the areas that are productive and the conclusion interview provides recommendations for the betterment of the facility, clients and staff. The Joint Commission stands as the only accrediting body that requires all of the surveyors to be certified.


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