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Women are characterized by a number of negative terms today: shallow, gold diggers, and, as one popular hip hop song depicts, “these girls ain’t loyal.” If some women are that way, most didn’t begin that way. Most women began wanting to be loved, cherished and esteemed. Most women began desiring to share, understand and be understood. Yes, most women began with a plethora of talents, potential and deep treasures within. But due to life circumstances and the choices made, life has caused some women to do and be something that they never wanted to do or be. For all those women that are caught in this web, we offer you a place of tranquility where you can find your direction and wholeness. In other words, our program for women is designed to help heal her struggles at its core.


At Growth Extended we are committed to our mission of providing the highest quality care to women that are in need. We offer residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs for women struggling with mood disturbances (depression, bipolar), substance abuse, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia nervosa, compulsive binge eating,) distorted body image, low self-esteem, anxiety, phobias, or post traumatic distress disorder (PTSD). Additional areas we specialize in for women include issues that pertain to childhood trauma, physical/emotional/sexual trauma, grief and loss, childhood bullying, self-esteem issues, educational and/or employment issues, physiological issues, gender-related issues, marital problems, suicidal ideations, generational dysfunction, anger management, conflict resolution, environmental exposure or past gang affiliations.

Women’s Treatment Program with an Individualized Focus

As we strive toward our mission we realize that while men and women may experience the same life events and the same disappointments the perceptions and the manner in which the events are approached differ tremendously across genders. We therefore design individualized treatment for women and their special needs. The results for the women that have sought treatment with us have been life changing. We are driven by the transformations that are seen on a daily basis. And we are humbled and grateful to each woman that entrusts her recovery to us. It is this appreciation that energizes our commitment to you while in treatment and after treatment through our alumni meetings. The end of treatment is just the beginning of the healing journey. And our mission continues with you.


Relationships are very important to women: wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, aunt, niece and best friend, women are relationship driven. We seek relationships and we define ourselves by the strength or the weakness of the relationships that we are in and that matter most to us. But the misgivings of those relationships can be contributors to your journey today.

At one point in your life, you were excited about life. As a little girl you possessed big dreams, hopes and a drive to achieve. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up,” there was an enthusiasm surrounding all the possibilities. No intimidation or insecurity, your thinking was not contaminated. Seeds of greatness where fresh in you. But over time people began to tell you what you couldn’t become and what you couldn’t do. Little by little self-doubt surfaced, maybe by the words of a coach or a teacher saying you are not good enough. Maybe your peers teased you or belittled a dream you had. Or maybe someone touched you inappropriately spiraling you down a path of confusion and guilt. All of these things began to distort your perception of who you really are. Before long, instead of dreaming big with possibility, you thought, I’ll never do anything great, I am not that talented, I am just average. 

At Growth Extended we challenge you to ask:

– Why do I think this way?
– Who programmed me to think I am average?
– Who instructed me to give up on my dreams?
– Where did the thought come from that I’ll never break this addiction?

Is it possible that you accepted a wrong mindset by the people that you were around and the environment you have been in? Sometimes we learn to function in our dysfunction. Maybe everyone you grew up around was negative. Maybe your friends didn’t have big dreams. While that may be fine for them, it’s not ok for you. Just because family members had addictions, were depressed and had volatile tempers, don’t think that is your destiny too. Those are habits that have been passed down but you were created to go further. To be confident, to be free, to be healthy, positive, and happy, you have greatness on the inside. God designed a path of greatness for you. But seeing that begins by examining your thinking.

There is a famous true story of a pregnant German Sheppard that was hit by a car which caused her to drag her back legs due to her ligaments being impaired from the car accident. A few weeks later, she delivered her puppies and those puppies, with perfectly fine operable legs, dragged their back legs too when they began to walk. They copied what they saw modeled.

At Growth Extended we realize the real battle is in your mind. If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are correct. You are destined for greatness, excellence and freedom, not addiction. It is therefore our aim to come to you where you are in your journey, provide support and challenge you to dispel any misgivings about who you. You still have those seeds of greatness in you.


You matter at Growth Extended. Your needs, your concerns and your issues are imperative to creating the individualized program that will be designed for you. Our staff care, and are committed to offering the highest level of quality care that is individually tailored to your unique needs as a woman. There is an entire team of specialized professionals solely dedicated to you and addressing the issues that are most important to you.

We provide a safe nurturing space to examine how faulty misconceptions from the past have affected the present and how dispelling distorted thinking can impact your future possibilities. For women, dismissing unrealistic messages from the media, challenging the “shoulds” surrounding the type of mother, homemaker and wife that you are and confronting the pressures regarding issues such as career and aging represents the work that is done. At Growth Extended we will never “should” on you. Rather, we will help, encourage and restore. Our beautiful facilities allow you to live in a residence that mimics family life and helps you to see your worth and realize how much you and your concerns matter to us.


At Growth Extended we are genuine and candid with you. We realize that while some women are reading this and feeling like this is where your next step needs to begin, there are others with something different on your mind. You may be thinking of some perfectly logical reasons why you should NOT start your journey with us today. Some possible reasons may be,

– Why do I think this way?
– Who programmed me to think I am average?
– Who instructed me to give up on my dreams?
– Where did the thought come from that I’ll never break this addiction?

The truth of the matter is you can’t afford NOT to go into treatment. No one but you genuinely knows the hell that you have been living in. And while it may not look like hell on the outside, hell on the inside is still hell. We offer no tricks, just truth, it’s time for you to take responsibility for your life and there is help waiting out there for you. No reasons or excuses. Your kids, job, spouse and most importantly, YOU need you to go into treatment. Think about it, if you could fix all of your problems in one moment, wouldn’t you? The fixing, for you, starts with this first step, picking up the phone so you can see life can be so much better than it is for you right now.


We are here to provide you with a nurturing environment, surrounded by trained persons to help you examine the link between what you tell yourself, how you feel and what you subsequently do (cognitive behavioral therapy). Moreover, if you can learn the link between tolerating distress while simultaneously learning to modulate your emotions you can achieve the cognitive restructuring that will be vital to your healing (dialectical behavioral therapy). Each day we help women achieve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual recovery through our holistic treatment. We deliver structured milieu practices that foster a sense of self worth, validation, and acceptance. Moreover, through your stay we offer innovative classes to teach yoga, arts and crafts, meditation, zumba and nutrition along with traditional techniques such as 12 step meetings, daily works outs at the gym and weekend restoration workshops for relational development within the family.

So now the choice is yours. Despite what you have gone through in your past, there is hope. Our caring admissions team will welcome you and help you facilitate an intake or just answer some questions for you. Further, our utilization review team is highly trained to work with major insurance providers which ensure access to the most cost effective treatment. Whether you are helpless homeless or hopeless, we are here for you. Whether you are rich or poor, if you are in need of treatment we can help you change the life that you are leading right now and get you on the path to your new life and purpose. Isn’t it time to stop and to start moving toward your destiny? Pick up the phone today and call Growth Extended- we can help you reach your full potential