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Is it Laziness or Depression? How to Tell the Difference

Do you ever come home after work and completely ignore the laundry and just watch TV all night? Everyone does from time to time. In fact, we all need that downtime and rest on occasion. But what happens when this pattern lasts for several days or even several weeks. Is it something more than laziness?

It can be difficult for people on the outside to tell the difference between laziness and depression. But, for those who struggle with this debilitating mental health condition, the two couldn’t be farther apart.

Depression is a long-term disorder that lasts for years if untreated. Laziness, however, doesn’t have a clinical definition. A lazy person might just be a happy procrastinator and not at all depressed.

Signs of Depression

Even though laziness and depression can look alike from the outside, they are completely different. Depression is an actual mental health disorder. If you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms you should seek help right away and get started on your recovery process.

– Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
– Feel irritable and restless; your tolerance level decreases
– Feel sluggish or drained
– Loss of the ability to react emotionally to situations that once elicited emotions
– Decrease of libido
– Loss of appetite
– Weight loss or gain
– Feel emotionally empty
– Loss of interest in daily life
– More likely to engage in escapist behavior such as gambling, substance abuse, dangerous sports
– Sleep changes – insomnia or hypersomnia
– Concentration problems and difficulty making decisions
– Unexplained aches or pains

Are You Depressed or Lazy?

  1. If you have a combination of the above symptoms you could be experiencing depression. One easier way to tell the difference is to recognize if you can pinpoint specific emotions. People suffering from depression often have difficulty recognizing or describing specific emotions—even emotions like sadness or despair. If you find that you are aware of the emotions you experience on a day-to-day basis, this could be a sign that you are not suffering from clinical depression.

Remember, only a Professional Can Diagnose Depression or Other Mental Health Disorders

The purpose of this post is not to serve as a substitute for professional diagnosis. Rather, the purpose is to dispel a common misconception that people who are struggling with clinical depression can simply “snap” out of it. If you or someone you care about as ever been accused of being lazy consider the above signs of depression and decide if it makes sense to seek a professional diagnosis.

What if it is Depression?

If you think your problem might be beyond a case of laziness you could be suffering from depression. The most important thing is to seek help right away. The good news is that there are effective and proven ways to rid yourself of this condition. With the right help, your depression is treatable and you can get started on your recovery. Contact us today to find out more about our approach to treatment for depression and all of our levels of care.