Being LGBTQ in Treatment: Will it Be Different For Me?

It is a common belief amongst mental health professionals, as well as researchers, that members of the LGBT+ community are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than the general population. I mean, hey, I myself and my lesbian wife are both in recovery for different addictions, yet we had very different lives before we … Read more

Why Do People Fear the Fourth Step?

Most of the time when people think of a 12-step fellowship, they think of Alcoholics Anonymous, however, there’s actually a 12-step group for just about any addiction out there, including: Narcotics Anonymous Codependents Anonymous Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, etc. These fellowships are meant for the loved ones of addicts. Some people attend for different reasons. While some go because … Read more

My Goodbye Letter to Ana and Mia

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve been hearing for years how you both are trouble, but it always seemed like the same people judging us were just focusing on our problems instead of worrying about themselves. I didn’t want to listen, and I didn’t listen. Who were we hurting? Whose … Read more

The Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health

Many people know sleep problems can be a symptom of mental illness, but not everyone realizes that sleep issues can also cause mood disorders. These two are so deeply intertwined it’s hard to know which one is to blame: – Sleep problems are more likely to affect patients with mental disorders– Sleep problems may increase … Read more

Signs You are Heading toward a Depression Relapse

Many people suffer from depression, a mental health condition where a loss of interest in activities and depressed mood can make daily life a challenge. However, the surprising part of this illness is the number of sufferers who end up having a relapse. As long as you are aware of the warning signs and triggers, … Read more

Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness

Unfortunately, stigmas against people suffering from mental illness are all too common. You may even judge yourself as someone fighting a mental disorder. There are two main types of discrimination you could see: Intentional – this could be someone making a negative remark about your illness or even your treatment. Unintentional – someone could avoid … Read more

Getting Treatment for Stimulant Addiction

Some prescription stimulants can have plenty of positive uses, but when they are abused, or when illicit ones are consumed, this drug use can turn into a dangerous stimulant addiction that requires rehab. What is a Stimulant? A few of the most common prescription stimulants that are abused include Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin and ephedrine. Illicit … Read more

Treating PTSD: Many Options for this Difficult Disorder

Many people associate PTSD with something that only occurs in combat military veterans, but in fact 7.8% of all Americans suffer from this disorder. PTSD results from a catastrophic or natural event – this can include combat situations, personal assault, sexual violence, accidents and natural disasters. Sufferers can have flashbacks, emotional numbness and insomnia. Why … Read more

Is it Laziness or Depression? How to Tell the Difference

Do you ever come home after work and completely ignore the laundry and just watch TV all night? Everyone does from time to time. In fact, we all need that downtime and rest on occasion. But what happens when this pattern lasts for several days or even several weeks. Is it something more than laziness? … Read more